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The RedWagon Delivers

The RedWagon Delivers is one of the fastest growing food delivery services in the United States. Our restaurant partners trust us to deliver their delicious creations to their customers at an affordable rate. RedWagon offers you another delivery channel to provide ease of delivery and help drive sales to your restaurant.

Prepared Meals

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RedWagon offers many solutions to help get your food orders delivered. RedWagon works with high-touch clients every day and focuses on the delivery so that you can do what you do best:

Prepare delicious food for your customers!

Direct Integration

Through our integration process,  we can retrieve your orders and assign them to RedWagon drivers.

Restaurant Ordering Portal

Create, pay for, manage, and track the catering deliveries you send to RedWagon. Your delivery goes straight to our system and we schedule a driver.

RedWagon Caters Marketplace

Tap into the RedWagon Caters marketplace channel for more order generation and high-touch delivery services. 

By the way, customers love RedWagon deliveries!

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Choose RedWagon to meet all your delivery needs. In return, you get professional, trained, well-equipped and insured independent drivers.  Deliveries can be managed and tracked, regardless of the channel.

SEO Marketing

Add-ons to service will help you manage your search engine optimization (SEO) and get you to the top of Google searches. 

Coming Soon!

Get more Catering Orders
  • Be profitable for the day before your restaurant officially opens.

  • Once you are good at catering, it could comprise up to 20% of your business.

  • Attract new clients.


Custom Delivery Solutions

RedWagon offers many solutions to help get your food orders delivered.


Catering delivery is our bread and butter. We provide a fleet of experienced and reliable drivers, real-time tracking and communications, and a team of trained customer service reps that facilitate exceptional service and experiences.

Meal Kits

We select and train quality drivers and ensure appropriate vehicle size to provide the right driver partner to fit your needs. 


Customers order directly from your website, app, or third-party platform.

Through integration, your delivery orders are to send the RedWagon.

RedWagon assigns a driver and manages the delivery from order assignment through delivery.

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