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Photo Guidelines

RedWagon strives to maintain a high level of integrity with respect to published user content, including ratings, reviews, and photos. All public store reviews and photos are subject to approval before publishing. To maintain a safe and trustworthy community, any content that does not comply with RedWagon’s Review and Photo Guidelines will be removed. 

To ensure the authenticity of our platform’s reviews and photos, RedWagon will never edit, alter, or change your review or photo in any way. As such, we may be unable to publish reviews or photos that do not meet our guidelines.

Our Review & Photo Guidelines were created with fairness and equity in mind for both RedWagon customers and merchants. RedWagon will never selectively choose to withhold publishing reviews based on a review’s sentiment (e.g. positive, neutral, negative) or rating alone. We value your honest feedback.


To flag a published review for extra moderation, please report the review to our team using this FORM.


Review Guidelines:

First Hand Customer Experience
Public reviews and photo must be based on a genuine, first-hand customer experience with the store. Non-patrons or customers with a conflict of interest, including current and former employees, competitors, investors or owners should not leave a review for that store. Reviews which are suspected to be fraudulent will be removed.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Reviews or photos that contain user phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, social security numbers, social media accounts, credit card numbers, or any other information considered personally identifiable will not be published. Please avoid submitting receipts and instead, take a photo of the item.

Relevance (Non-Merchant Content)
Review and photo content must pertain to your personal experience with a specific store (e.g. quality of items ordered, portion size, value for price). Only reviews or photos containing relevant store content will be posted. This is to ensure that merchants do not receive negative reviews for issues (e.g. delivery related) that were outside of their control. 


The following comments are considered delivery-related (and therefore not relevant to the merchant):

  • Delivery Partner/ Delivery feedback

  • Food temperature (e.g. “food was cold”, “food arrived hot”)

  • Arrival time

  • Food spillage

  • Food not received

  •  The following comments are considered RedWagon platform-related (and therefore not relevant to the store):

  • Order canceled / not delivered

  • Single-serve accessories not provided (utensils, napkins, sauce packets)

  • Special instructions not followed

  • Issues placing order

  • Refund/Payment issues

  • Platform Fees

  • Issues with RedWagon app

  •  Reviews or photos containing content not relevant to the store may not be published.


If you experienced a delivery-related or RedWagon platform-related issue, please see the following pages or visit our Consumer Help Center for resolution:

  • Missing or incorrect items

  • My food was delivered late 

  • My special instructions weren't followed

  • I never received my order

 For faster resolution on delivery issues, use RedWagon’s customer support.


Food Safety
In an emergency situation, please dial emergency services ( Dial 911) or visit your nearest Emergency Room. 
If your review or photo contains a food safety concern (e.g. foodborne illness, foreign object), we will do our best to redirect these reviews to the appropriate team for investigation and resolution.  We encourage customers to reach out to our Consumer Support and Trust & Safety teams directly, where we can best address your concern:

  • If you were not satisfied with your food quality, please follow the instructions here to file a report

  • If you have experienced a serious allergic reaction or other serious food safety issue, our Trust & Safety team can be directly contacted via RedWagon’s Emergency Health or Safety Issue form.

Spam and Fake Content
Your review or photo should reflect your personal experience as a genuine customer of that location. Reviews and photos which are suspected to be fraudulent will be removed. Reviews and photos containing promotional content or external links are considered spam and will not be published. 


At this time, RedWagon prohibits direct review solicitation from merchants. Stores should not request reviews directly from customers or offer incentives in exchange for a review, as this constitutes a conflict of interest. Reviews which are suspected to be fraudulent will be removed.


Profanity of any kind, including mild profanity, acronyms, and profane symbols or emojis is not allowed. Please keep reviews appropriate for all members of our community.


Discriminatory or Derogatory Content
Community members are expected to exhibit respect toward everyone in the Dehumanizing or discriminatory language, hate speech or bigotry of any kind, threaten or advocate for harm, or constitute harassment, intimidation or bullying are unacceptable and will not be published. RedWagon does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity, religion, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.

Sexually Explicit Content
Sexually explicit content will not be posted, regardless of intent. This includes reviews and photos that contain unwelcome or inappropriate sexual content, allusion to sexual acts or activities, emojis, etc. Please keep submitted content appropriate for all members of our community.


Violence, Threats of Violence
The safety of our community is extremely important, and we’re firmly committed to ensuring that everyone can use RedWagon safely and reliably. Any behavior that threatens or undermines the safety of our community is not tolerated. These include, but are not limited to, any behaviors that risk harm to people or property; acts or expressions that are physically or verbally threatening; direct or implied threats of violence. RedWagon retains the right to take any action(s) deemed appropriate, including RedWagon account termination and reports to law enforcement.

In an emergency situation, please dial emergency services (Dial 911) or contact local police. If you experienced a serious health or safety emergency, we encourage you to create a report of this directly with our Trust & Safety team here.

Terroristic Content
The following is not allowed on our platform: Any views or photos that are viewed as supporting terrorism, terrorists and organized hate, any mention of a terrorist group or organization, any content that leads to radicalization or proclamation of a violent mission or recruitment. RedWagon retains the right to take any action(s) deemed appropriate, including RedWagon account termination and reports to federal agencies or local authorities.


Off Topic
Reviews and photos should be based on your experience with a specific store (see Relevance (Non-Merchant Content). RedWagon is not meant as a forum for general political or social commentary. Off-topic content will not be published.


Offensive Content
RedWagon reserves the right to remove any content otherwise deemed inappropriate or offensive


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